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Exploring community needs and potentials through a multi-functional facility

Skagway is home to a vibrant artist community and has long desired to establish a professional development program in Vocational Education. It is because of these two community goals as well as the growth in the potential for remote working and the need for SDC to become more self-sufficient that inspired SDC to understand the potential for a local creator space. This project is a multi-year, multi-phase project.
PHASE ONE: Feasibility Study, Business Plan & Financial Projection
Currently Underway
PHASE TWO: Site Acquisition & Building Design
PHASE THREE: Construction
PHASE ONE: Feasibility Study, Business Plan & Financial Projection
Start: June 1, 2021       End: June 1, 2022
For Phase one, SDC has contracted Rain Coast Data to conduct a feasibly study to understand community needs and affordability. 

Upon completion of the Feasibility study, SDC staff will then prepare a facility business plan and financial projection to evaluate the ability of the facility to sustain itself.
Funding Supporters for Phase One
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