2020 Shipping Rebate for out-of-town shoppers

Are you an out-of-town shopper? SDC is offering a limited shipping rebate to out-of-town shoppers. SDC will reimburse shoppers up to $21.10 per store a shopper orders from, limited to no more than $21.10 or the amount in shipping paid by the shopper, whichever is the lesser. This offer is limited to the first 100 eligible rebate forms received or until funds run out. Due to limited funds, shoppers are not guaranteed rebate funds, it is a first-come, first-served opportunity until funds are exhausted.


Eligible purchases must be:

(1) Made by a non-Skagway resident;

(2) Purchased between Monday, November 30th, - Sunday, December 6, 2020;

(3) Be mailed outside of Skagway; and

(3) Purchased from a Skagway located store.

To claim the rebate, shoppers must provide: 

(1) A complete rebate form;

(2) A copy of the original receipt showing the date of purchase and store name; and

(3) A copy of the receipt or shipping invoice showing the cost of shipping paid.

Rebate forms and supporting documents may be submitted to sdcprograms@aptalaska.net or mail to SDC @ PO Box 1236, Skagway AK 99840. All rebate requests must be received by SDC on or before 5pm on December 11, 2020.

25+ Days of Crafting Fun

Stuck at with the kids at home? Need some helping getting into the Christmas Spirit? Check out this calendar of 25+Days of Crafting Fun brought to you by the Skagway Development Corporation. Try a new craft every day and don't forget to tune in for the Rec Center and Library's special crafting zoom events too! Rec Center and Library event days are marked with the star. Don't forget to look local when buy crafting supplies. Granny's Gallery, the Skagway Hardware Store, Grizzly's General, and the Rushin' Tailor have great supplies!

December 2020 Holiday Activity Calendar.
December 2020 Holiday Activity Calendar