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Interested in living in Skagway? Check out SDC's community profile to get an idea of what services are available and what the cost of living is like in Skagway

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This profile update is a much more bolstered report than the 2005 version. With more information, this inventory served as a base for future strategic economic planning.  

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Throughout each of Skagway's major economic booms and busts, Skagway has retained its status as a major inter-nodal hub. Learn about Skagway's Economic Profile.

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Regional Publications For Skagway
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One year after the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, learn how Skagway businesses are fairing and what the business climate is.

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What was projected to be the biggest cruise ship year ever for Skagway, no business was prepared for a pandemic.

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For the first time, Skagway has gotten its own Business Climate breakout report. Learn about the business climate in Skagway.


Skagway 2030 Comprehensive Plan

Skagway Port Development Plan

Skagway Small Boat Harbor

Skagway West Creek Master Plan

Dyea Flats Land Management Plan

Skagway Comprehensive Trails Plan

Skagway Coastal Management Plan

Southeast Conference   2020 Economic Plan

Southeast Conference Short-term Resiliency Plan

State of Alaska Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 

Yukon Mineral Development Strategy

Yukon Innovation Strategy

Under Development

Yukon Aviation System Investment Strategy

Whitehorse 2040 Community Plan

Yukon Fiscal and Economic Outlook