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Get the support your community group needs


As a part of our community development services program, SDC-CDS provides fiscal sponsorship for various community organizations, acting as an administrative outlet in which we manage funds from donors and fundraising events. SDC-CDS currently provides fiscal sponsorship to six active community groups.
What is Fiscal Sponsorship?
A fiscal sponsor is a nonprofit organization that provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of charitable projects. By partnering with a fiscal sponsor, projects can seek and receive tax-exempt contributions and grant support without delay, bypassing the costly, burdensome and lengthy process of creating a separate free-standing organization with its own infrastructure. (Trust for Conservation Innovation)

Although sponsored programs are not completely independent- they are legally part of the sponsor organization- they nevertheless retain programmatic autonomy and often have separate advisory boards making their strategic decisions. They are responsible for their own fundraising, and they absorb any shortfall and retain any surplus. (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network)
Interested in Becoming Fiscally Sponsored?
1) Complete Fiscal Sponsorship Application
2) Submit Completed Application and $30 application fee to SDC-CDS/ SDC
Mail: PO Box 1236, Skagway AK 99840
3) Wait to be contacted
Once SDC-CDS receives the request, the application will be reviewed at the next Board of Directors meeting to ensure the program aligns with SDC-CDS mission and values. Upon the Board's determination or should the Board have additional questions, SDC-CDS will reach out to the program's lead contact. If approved, an agreement will be provided and need to be signed before fundraising activities can begin.
Currently Fiscally Sponsored Programs/ Special Projects
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