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Welcome to Shg̱agwei- Workforce Orientation 2024

"Welcome to Shg̱agwei- Workforce Orientation" is a series of events designed to help newly arrived seasonal workers in Skagway, Alaska, to acclimate to their new environment and understand their role in the local community. The orientation typically covers topics such as safety protocols, local culture and customs, job expectations, and local resources. The events may include presentations, group discussions, interactive activities, and tours of the area.


The orientation is crucial for the seasonal workforce as it helps them to better understand the expectations and responsibilities of their job, as well as to integrate into the local community. It also ensures that workers are aware of safety protocols and guidelines, which is especially important in industries such as tourism and hospitality, where workers may be operating  or working with the public.


Additionally, the orientation provides an opportunity for seasonal workers to meet and connect with each other, fostering a sense of community and support among those who may be far from home. By helping seasonal workers feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about their new environment, the orientation can improve job performance, reduce turnover, and ultimately benefit both the workers and the local businesses and community.

All events are free and open to the public to join! All employees, employers and community members are invited to come participate and prepare for the 2024 summer season!

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This Program is offered through a collaboration of many different organizations in Skagway including: 

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