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Initiatives to support existing economies & to pursue new opportunities

Creator Space: Phase 1 Feasibility Study

In an effort to diversify Skagway's local economy in a way that does not put additional pressure on our port while also meeting community goals and desires, SDC is exploring the potential to establish a creator space within the Borough of Skagway.

For phase one we have hired Rain Coast Data to conduct and prepare a Feasibility study from which SDC staff will prepare a business plan and financial projection.

Phase One Start: June 1, 2021      End: June 1, 2022

Economic Development 5-year Action Plan & Economic Baseline Report

As part of SDC's efforts to be as effective as the entity can be for the community of Skagway, SDC is developing a 5-year economic development action plan and economic baseline report. These documents will help guide the initiatives SDC will pursue in the coming years.

Start: October 1, 2021       End: September 30, 2024

Winter Revitalization

Many people think of Skagway as just a cruise ship destination but it is so much more. To support our visitor industry and year-round economy, SDC is implementing programs and initiatives to support Skagway businesses in the winter and ensure infrastructure to welcome and attract visitors.

Current programs established include: Winter Wonder Walk & Shop Small Saturday

Project Timeline: TBD

Transportation Asset Inventory & Mapping

Skagway's location makes it a prime location for the movement of goods to local and international markets but faces a number of growing pains as well. Understanding what infrastructure Assets currently exist in Skagway as well as the transportation network will offer potential businesses a quick resource to better understand their opportunities. 

Start: October, 2021                    End: Aug 2023

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