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Supporting Community Goals and Non-profits

SDC- Community Development Services is a seperate 501 (c) (3) non-profit that functions under the direction of the Skagway Development Corporation Board and Executive Director.  The goal of SDC-CDS is to improve the overall community well-being for the residents of Skagway, both year round and seasonal, and for our visitors. We work to ensure that the community has suitable facilities and programs in place to make Skagway a desirable community for people to live, work, play, and raise a family. SDC-CDS works with multiple community organizations partnering in their events while also assisting in the continued development of community infrastructure.


Through SDC-CDS, SDC is able to better support the growth and well-being of the Community of Skagway in a number of ways such as: Fiscal Sponsorship for developing local non-profits and events, increased funding avenues for the services of SDC and SDC-CDS, and actionable support for local community projects and events. If you are a local non-profit or have a community project and are seeking support, see how SDC- Community Development Services can help you!

  “To implement a process designed to encourage community development, community services, and to increase the quality of life in Skagway, Alaska.”

-SDC-CDS Mission Statement

Credit Assessment

Fiscal Sponsorship

Have a project, program or service you want to provide to the community in a non-profit structure quickly? SDC-CDS will fiscally sponsor groups who's goal/s aligns with our mission. This allows programs to receiving funding support as if they were a non-profit right away.

Pouring Wine

Special Event Permit

As a non-profit, SDC-CDS is allowed 5 special event permits per year from the State of Alaska to offer beer and wine services at an event. If you would like SDC-CDS to provide this service at your event, submit a request today!

Requests must be made at least 4 weeks before the event.

Community Service



With our community focus, through SDC-CDS, we facilitate projects, programs and initiatives that improve our community and the quality of life for our community members. 

Current programs include: Skagway Utility Assistance, Affordable Housing Development and support of improved trail systems.

Current Fiscally Sponsored Groups
Past Use of Special Event Permits 
  • Yuletide Ball

  • Buckwheat Ski Classic Banquet

  • Skagway Spring Training Opening Day

Previous Fiscally Sponsored Groups
  • Yuletide Committee

  • Skagway FC

  • Dolly Patron's Imagination Library Fund

  • Reverend Neil Down Fund

  • Skagway Home Brewer's Club

  • Mission Objective Outdoors

  • Skagway Ski Club

  • Skagway Performing Arts Initiative

  • Skagway Garden Club

  • Heart Beat Fund

  • Have-a-Hear Foundation

  • Junior Achievement

  • Sustainable Skagway

  • Rifle Range 

  • Marshall Island Project

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