Happening Saturday December 12, 2020

Get ready to shop and knockout that Christmas list for 2020 during Skagway's 7th annual Shop Small Saturday! This one day event is bringing out the retailers in full force with 32 vendors opening up to show-off their best for shoppers. While shopping, pick-up some swag and play Shopper's BINGO. With every BINGO earned, get entered into multiple drawings offered by SDC!


Checkout this page to learn BINGO Rules & how to play, what the prizes are, what SDC is doing to create a safe shopping experience, & who our participating retailers are!

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  • Only one Bingo page per shopper.

  • Write your name and phone number in the space provided (Make sure your name and phone number are legible).

  • Earn a space when you spend $5 or more at a participating store on Saturday, Nov. 28th, 2020.

  • When an eligible purchase is made in a store, get stamped at the store.

  • When an eligible purchase is made online, write the order number in the store’s space.

  • Every time you make a  Bingo on any of the 4 cards below, text a photo of your Bingo page to Kaitlyn Jared at (970) 773-7349 to be entered into a drawing at 12pm, 2pm & 4pm. That's 32 potential entries per shopper!

  • Bingo = 3 in a row, column or diagonal.

  • Each whole card completely filled out on the page gets your name entered into a grand prize drawing that will take place during SDC’s Yuletide Virtual Open House on Dec. 19, 2020 from 2-4pm. That’s 4 chances to have your name entered!

    • To get entered in the grand prize, just leave your Bingo page with the last business you shop at or turn it in to SDC by December 4th. 

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SDC has four prize drawings being offered to participants in ShopSmall Saturday which include: 3 Day-of- Drawings & 1 Grand Prize.

Day-of-drawings will occur at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Shoppers that submit their BINGO's earned as outlined in the rules will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a$30 gift card to one of the participating stores at each drawing time. Entries that don't win will carry over to each drawing time, so if you don't win at noon, your entry will be put back in for the 2pm drawing. 

The grand prize is a $150 gift card to the participating business of the winner's choice! To enter for this, please leave your BINGO page with the last store you shop at or send a picture to SDC at by December 4th. For every BINGO board completed, your name will be entered. The drawing will take place during SDC's open-house on December 19th. 

Remember to be COVID safe

If you are shopping in-person, remember to:

SDC has placed hand sanitizer stations throughout downtown and in light if COVID, SDC is also offering services for those who don't wish to shop in-person, or are shopping from outside of Skagway. See the two ways to play below!

6 feet.jpg

Let's Play! There are two ways.

Don't let not wanting to go into a store stop you from participating in Shopper's BINGO! ShopSmall Saturday is not just for the in-person shopper. If you are a Skagway resident who does not wish to leave your home, don't worry! Just download or print the BINGO board to fill it out at home, shop online, or by calling to place an order with any of the participating stores below. During the day, text a photo of your BINGO's to SDC at (970) 773-7349  to be entered into the day-of drawings and submit a picture or PDF of your final BINGO board via email or mail to SDC to be entered into the grand prize drawing on December 19th. 


Are you a Skagway resident shopping from home? Starting at 3pm, SDC is offering one delivery per household. Just text (970) 773-7349 with your name, drop-off location, and the list of stores items need to be picked up from. SDC will pick them up and drop them off to you. Make sure you have completed your shopping before requesting this service as we will only do it once per household. 

Shop from these participating stores


Autumn Rose Designs

Tessa Franz Healy


Granny's Gallery

Precious Kollections

local jeweler.jpg
lillith moon.jpg
Klothes Rush.png
Mining co .jpg

Taiya River Arts