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SDC Professional Services

Available for when the work is just not getting done & Special Projects

We understand that sometimes there is just a lot to do, a lot to know and a lot to write. That is why SDC staff offers professional services in grant writing, research and reporting as well as in project planning and management.


Rate: $67.17/ hour 

  • Grant Writing

    • Like most non-profits, SDC relies on grant funds to support our programs and projects. 
  • Research & Reporting​​

  • Project Planning & Managment

    • With our community focus, through SDC-CDS, we facilitate projects, programs and initiatives that improve our community and the quality of life for our community members. 
    • Current programs include: Skagway Utility Assistance, Affordable Housing Development and support of improved trail systems.
  • Special Event Permits 

    • As a non-profit, SDC-CDS is allowed 5 special event permits per year from the State of Alaska to offer beer and wine services at an event. If you would like SDC-CDS to provide this service at your event, submit a request today! Requests must be made at least 4 weeks before the event.
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