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USDA Opens Seafood Trade Relief Program (STRP)

If you are a U.S. fisherman impacted by retaliatory tariffs, you may qualify for funding through the Seafood Trade Relief Program (STRP).

Updated 9/17/20

Sign-up for relief through the program from September 14, 2020 through December 14, 2020 by submitting an application through your local USDA Service Center.

STRP is part of a relief strategy to support fishermen and other producers while the administration continues to work on free, fair and reciprocal trade deals to open more markets to help American farmers compete globally. The STRP prohibits a person or legal entity from receiving more than $250,000 from the program. In addition, an applicant’s average adjusted gross income (AGI) cannot exceed $900,000 unless at least 75 percent of the AGI of the person or entity comes from farming, ranching, forestry, seafood harvesting, or related activities. STRP assists U.S. licensed or permitted commercial fishermen for covered species caught in U.S. waters. Seafood processors and processed products are not covered by this program.

Seafood commodities covered through STRP and their payment rates:

The STRP seafood payment rate is on a per pound basis. Those payment rates reflect the estimated severity of the impact of trade disruptions to U.S. seafood caught and sold commercially, and the adjustment to new trade patterns for the types of seafood products. More information is available in the Notice of Funds Availability, which will publish September 14, 2020.

FSA stands ready to assist you in completing this application and to support your critical role to the success of the U.S. seafood industry.  Applications will be accepted beginning September 14, 2020 and must be completed by December 14, 2020.

Access is currently restricted to their buildings due to COVID-19, but employees continue to staff their service centers and their services are still available via phone appointment or online.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact them or visit Or see their FACTs sheet here:

More information on common FAQs can be found here:

The following forms will be needed for STRP:

Download PDF • 291KB

Download • 250KB

  • CCC-902I – Farm Operating Plan to be completed if you are an individual producer (you operate under your social security number). Do not complete this form if you are completing CCC-902E.  This form does not need to be completed in its entirety:  please complete parts A, B and F.

  • CCC-902E – Farm Operating Plan to be completed with any other farm ownership arrangement other than individual producer (your operation is set up with a Tax ID Number).  Do not complete this form if you are completing for CCC-902I.  This form does not need to be completed in its entirety:  please complete parts A, B, C and L.

  • CCC-901 – Identifies members of a fishing operation that is a legal entity. Member Information will be completed by legal entities and joint operations to collect the following:

    • member names, addresses, and Tax Identification Numbers (Social Security Numbers)

    • citizenship status

  • CCC-941 – Reports your average adjusted gross income.  This gets sent to the IRS for verification.  If you are applying with a Tax ID Number, we will need this form completed for the business and each individual member. 

  • CCC-942 – If applicable, this certification reports income from fishing, farming, ranching, and forestry, and is applicable to those exceeding the adjusted gross income limitation.  This form must be certified by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or an Attorney.

  • SF-3881 – Collects your banking information to allow USDA to make payments to you via direct deposit.  Can be completed by your financial institution OR submitted with a voided, blank check.

  • AD-2047 – Provides basic customer contact information.

  • AD-2106 – Provides customer demographics data.

Documentation to support quantity of 2019 harvested eligible seafood and verify commercial permits/ licenses are not required at this time (fisherman certification).  However, fisherman will be required to provide documentation to FSA if application is selected for spot check at a later date.  FSA will accept any supporting documentation provided by the applicant at the time the application is submitted.

Once you have completed your forms please contact the Southern County Service Center at (907) 761-7754. You can also contact that office directly by emailing Erin Sturdivant at for additional information or to schedule an appointment. 


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