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The Skagway Development Corporation serves the community of Skagway as an advisory, administrative, and technical resource for the purpose of creating ideas and developing initiatives that allow the year-round economy of Skagway to grow and develop into a sustainable process that creates wealth for the community at large. It is our aim to be the economic & community development organization supporting business enterprise and community well-being within Skagway, Alaska.  In working towards this vision, we have defined a set of values we feel important to apply in our work.  These include Sustainability, Collaboration, Professionalism, Integrity, Responsiveness, and Confidentiality. 

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The Skagway Development Corporation (SDC) was established in 2001 in partnership with the Municipality of Skagway (MOS). Originally a department of the MOS, it was recognized that by operating as an independent entity, it provided flexibility for the work of SDC, reduced costs to the community and allowed for confidentiality to those seeking assistance. SDC gained its 501 (c) 6 tax-exempt status in August 2002. The Board operated as a volunteer organization and in April 2003 the first full-time Executive Director was hired. To complement and enhance the work and opportunities for SDC, in 2003  it was recognized by the SDC Board of Directors that a separate entity working on community development issues was needed. To best accomplish this a separate 501(c)(3) organization was formed, SDC-Community Development Services (SDC-CDS). The philosophy of SDC and SDC-CDS is that economic and community development go hand in hand and generally one is necessary for the other to occur. SDC-CDS was granted tax-exempt status in March 2004 and has been active in pursuing funding for community-based activities and projects.


The Skagway Development Corporation aims to be the economic & community development organization supporting business enterprise and community well-being within Skagway, Alaska.  In working towards this vision, we have defined a set of values we feel important to apply in our work.  These include: Sustainability, Collaboration, Professionalism, Integrity, Responsiveness, and Confidentiality.

SDC Mission: 

“To serve the community of Skagway as an advisory, administrative and technical source, by supporting business enterprise and community well being through connecting people, ideas and resources.”

SDC-CDS Mission:

“To implement a process designed to encourage community development, community services, and to increase the quality of life in Skagway, Alaska.”


SDC wears many hats within the community of Skagway.


Our Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) provides assistance to future and existing business owners needing assistance in writing a business plan, expanding a current business, marketing, identifying funding/loans, as well as other business-related activities such as printing, faxing, and spiral binding. Occasionally, the SBRC offers small business and computer training classes to the community.  

In an effort to diversify the year-round economy of Skagway, the SDC acts as a marketing agent for the Port of Skagway, offering information and facilitating tours to company representatives from around the world. To understand new opportunities, SDC conducts market analysis and community information gathering. SDC hosts a number of annual events promoting entrepreneurship in local youth and helping the community stay connected with available services. Furthermore, the SDC works closely with regional, state and national economic development organizations, staying on top of the latest economic development trends as well as marketing Skagway to potential economic opportunities.  Locally, SDC works very closely with the Municipality of Skagway, assisting with grant writing proposals, as requested, for capital projects and working to fulfill the tasks in the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.  

With our focus on community development, SDC-CDS supports the growth and well-being of the Community of Skagway in a number of ways such as through fiscal sponsorship for developing local non-profits and events, increased funding avenues for the services of SDC and SDC-CDS, special event bars for local events and actionable support for local community projects and events. 


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